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    (previously known as the_assassin on AFF and ansatsushaxiii on FP, but I changed my pen name to Qiūfēng Yèyǔ (秋風 葉雨, autumn wind leaf rain), since I finally had an inspiration for a pen name one day. Not a very original name, since there are many Chinese who use it as a screen name as well, but whatever, the point is that I like it, lol. Sorry for causing any inconvenience.)

    I'm an Asian Female living in the Republic of China, aka Taiwan, who has been a fujoshi for 10+ years (since 4th grade or something). English isn't my first language but it's the closest thing I have to a first language. ="= While I can read and write fluently in Chinese, I have a pitifully amateur writing style, probably at middle school level. Which is why I write in English, ha! (Not like it's much better -_-)

    My taste in stories is very particular, which is why I write most of the time instead of read, because I can't find something I want to read. And since my tastes aren't mainstream, the stories I write don't appeal to the mainstream...or anyone, for the matter. Not like I really care. Okay, maybe I do. But whatever. I tend to write similar stuff because of my tastes, I'm sorry if it gets boring or repetitive. I also tend to write not-so-happy endings, but fear not! After Erasing Shame, I officially decided to write one happy ending or I'd get depression myself.

    **I took Ijimekko down AFF, you can still find it on FP, but yeah. Maybe I will post a completely revised version of Ijimekko in the distant future.**

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