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    Hello. Thank you for checking out my profile page. I hope you enjoy some of the tales I have posted here. I also post stories on DeviantArt, FanFiction.Net, Y!Gallery, livejournal, (all as RikuRocks in some form) and the fanficiton section of MuggleNet (as Moon_Baby). So no worries if you see these tales posted on any of those sites as well. I appreciate all reviews and feedback very much, but will likely not be responding to all. My apologies. However, I will certainly strive to answer any questions about my stories or respond to anything beyond casual feedback. I know that some authors don't mind, but I dislike replying to reviews or answering questions in the chapters of my stories, so please either sign your reviews so that I can locate you on this site or leave an e-mail address that I can reply to if you do post any queries. Again, thank you.
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