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    Stats on the Authors: Name: SweetSeme Age: Not telling! Old enough though Bio: works with many fandoms and enjoys RPing with her adorable masochistic uke, Rose. she also has an attraction to weird ass kinks, so watch out! Name: Rose Strailo Age: Old enough, again. Bio: Writing for many various fandoms, Rose enjoys RPing with her Sadistic Seme, Sweets. Occasionally, she plays Seme for her Seme, but not often. Stories in the works: New Life Summary: When the Gods of Old are Reborn, the Great Evil rises once more to try to swallow the Earth. The reborn Gods must battle their oldest foe and lead the world back onto its path before everything dies. Status: Being Written Prologue and 1 Chapter broken into parts Posted: Prologue Information: Characters: Original Sweets Characters: Biryn; Artemis; Dries; Seth; Zalion; Laydin; Nadon; Siris; Tsuki; Suinal; Akain; Halor; Aruket; Helthean Strailos Characters: Adonis; Athen; Bathen; Hith; Wajen; Ciel; Kiree; Dmyn; Izin; Orion; Gabriel; Matt; Shin; Eric; Yinal Disclaimer: All characters, plots and story is to Sweets and Strailo. This is a work of fiction and there for is not to be taken for any kind of historical fact. We do NOT own the myths that the characters are based upon. Those are the worlds. Please do not copy and keep any type of record of this story. Fangs and Claws Summary: When a great evil comes to the attention of the feuding Were wolves and Vampire Clans, can they find their mates and their balance before it destroys them all? Status: Being Written Prologue and 3 chapters Posted: Prologue Information: Fandoms: Naruto/Bleach/Harry Potter/Original/Yu Yu Hakusho Characters: Written by Sweets: Originals: Cal; Azen; Leo; Justinyal; Crevan Fandom: Draco; Kakashi; Itatchi; George; Genma; Gin; Shuuhei; Byakuya; Renji; Urahara; Kankuro; Shika; Neji; Zangestu; Hiei; Kenpachi; Youko; Shunsui Written by Strailo: Originals: Mi-Yan; Markus; Azerial; Jean; Li-Sine Fandom: Naruot; Iruka; Sasuke; Fred; Hayate; Kira; Ichigo; Ishida; Hanatarou; Harry: Shino; Kiba; Hitsugaya; Yusuke; Shuuichi; Ukitake Disclaimer: All original characters are to Sweets and Strailo. We do not own Harry Potter, Naruto, Bleach, Yu Yu Hakusho, the fandom or the characters. We do this for pure fun and not profit. Storm of the Twilight Darkness: Summary: Needing to learn something new to help in defeating the Dark Lord Voldemort, Harry, Blaise, Neville, Markus, Draco, Remus and Severous must put their trust in Genkai, Yukina, Yusuke, Jin, Kurama, Kuwabara and Hiei to show them what they need to know. And possibly find their mates. Status: Being Written Prologue and chapter one Information: Fandoms: Harry Potter/Yu Yu Hakusho Characters: By Sweets: Severous, Blaise, Markus, Yukina, Genkai, Jin, Youko (Kurama), Hiei By Strailo: Harry, Neville, Draco, Remus, Yusuke, Kurama (Shuuichi), Kuwabara (maybe) Summer Heat: Summary: Yusuke goes into heat. Youko and Hiei come to play and have fun with the Demon Lord. Status: Done, Being edited Information: Yu Yu Hakusho Characters: What do you think? Bunnies: NCIS/CIS: Miami Crossover: Bunny Idea: Poor oblivious Ryan, he doesn't know when he's being flirted with! But Tony, McGee, Gibbs, Abby, Horatio, Eric and Speed sure do! What's to happen to our helpless uke? CIS: Miami: Bunny Idea: Ryan gets pounced by various males and tries to figure out why he's suddenly such a magnet for the horny ones. Ryan/Everyone Twilight/CSI: Miami/CSI: New York/Firefly A rouge vampire draws the crews of Miami and New York to Forks, Washington. (Firefly not quite worked out) Pairings: Horatio/Chalise/Ryan Jacob/Edward Mac/Jasper Emmett/Wash Mal/Simon Jayne/Danny Don/Eric/Speed Rosilne/Alice Buffy The Vampire Slayer/NCIS Bunny: Bunny Idea: A demon brings the Scoobys to Virginia soon after Willow has a couple of Oopsies, turning Buffy into a guy and wiping most of Angels memories of the past. With the LA Gang, they head after the demon and find a new reason to leave behind the Hellmouth to Faith and her new lover. Pairings: Cordy/Abby Kate/Ziva Spike/Angel Buffy (guy)/Palmer Giles/Oz/Xander (final pairing) Gibbs/Tony/Xander (playing around and learning things pairing) Gibbs/Tony (final pairing) Wesley/Andrew Gunn/McGee

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