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    Am I really so interesting you wanna know about me? Well, ok. I was born in '85 at the end of the year. You can calculate my age from that for yourself so I don't have to keep changing this. I have a few hobbies and my muse is a lazy little brat so I don't write much but I'll post what comes out. Check my livejournal for more! I've been loitering around here since '04 but I've always kept what stories I have written fairly private so I never posted them but I finally changed my mind. Feel free to contact me for whatever. I'll beta and maybe, just maybe take a request under certain conditions. I hate Mary-Sue's, AUs, crossovers because you said so, m-pregs for shits and giggles, extreme OOC, I could go on... So don't bother asking for those. What can I say? I'm picky about my fics. I feel like this should be common sense but if you IM me, don't just say hi and wait for me to respond because I'll assume it's spam and block you. Make sure you let me know you're a real person somehow and how you found me. FEAR NOT! Dear readers... all... two of you. I'm a terrible updater but what can I say? No love, no updates. I just end up keeping it to myself if I don't think anyone wants it. That and health issues (everyone's excuse, it seems) and school issues (I swear my professor is trying to get me to write a book for her) and I've been working on some original stuff that I don't intend to post here, if at all.

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