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    Well seen as I・ve been around for a few months now let・s update this shall we? I suppose the reason I finally got myself an account to post after nearly 15 years of lurking around the net is .cos it seems every anime I watch recently has a tragic death, usually of a main character. My heartstrings simply couldn't take any more. So here we have a page that will have nothin but happy endings for all the bishies we love. First on the list is Ciel from Kuroshitsuji. I'm desperate to give the little sweetie his happy ending. Right, I have not written before and I do not know if I am any good at it so, if you like what you read please please pleeeease encourage me. Conversely if you dont, give me some pointers! I will do my best to catch errors but there may be a few scattered around. It is unlikely you will find any riveting plot twists other than those I concoct to create these happy endings. This is going to be a yaoi page. This is my fist time doing this so be gentle with me guys. Comments are gratefully received and cause me to stand up and dance around the house (and occasionally in front of my boss at work) in happiness so review review review. I have also done my first fanart in 4 years! Go here to take a peek at Near in Loli http://osionide.deviantart.com/ and go read Dragonrider4000 DeathNote fiction 'Constant Temptation' to see the inspiration. I have another one waiting to be scanned. Sadly I am photoshop helpless, so to those people who might like to colour it let me know. Hmmmm what do I like? Honestly it would be easier to list what I don・t like, which is: Tomatoes............ Thats it........ No really that is it. My fave anime and manga? Well lets see? For starters EVERYTHING yaoi, no exceptions And then well Death Note and Kuroshitsuji must go on there seen as they are my first stories. Then we can add to that and say the common ones: Naruto, Bleach, Yugioh, Yu Yu Hakusho *Starry Eyes*, Inuyasha, DBZ, and FMA Then we can go onto the lesser stuff: Code Geass, Black Cat, CCS, DNAngel, Get Backers, Loveless, Mirage of blaze, Ouran High Host Club, Pet Shop of Horrors, Ranma, Hack Sign, Tokyo Babylon, Vassalord , XXXholic, and I・m sure I could go on for a LOT more but then I・d start boring you Right, so stop hanging around here and please enjoy my first tries at writing!

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