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    Wow, AFF! Look at you and your makeover! NICE! ​I'm going to be posting here more often! In fact, I'm going to start posting here and Y!gallery before any other sites! XD If you see my name anywhere else, btw, I assure you it's me. Say hello! 

    All the top-level places I can be found are listed here:

    And please don't hesitate to send me asks there or send me email at - I'd love to hear from you! XD

    Most written fandom: Naruto

    Most written 'verse(s): Ninja-verse, occasional AU

    ​Most written pairing(s): (no preference as to who tops) Sasuke/Naruto, Minato/Kushina, with occasional Kakashi/Iruka, Sasuke/Itachi, Kakashi/Sakura. You will find other pairings amongst my writings, but these are the main pairings I'm writing for these days. SasuNaruSasu is my OTP!

    Most used warning(s): angst, character death, bring kleenex

    Tendency to abandon stories: There are a few older stories that I've abandoned due to losing my inspiration for the main pairings. This won't happen anymore since I no longer post stories that aren't already complete (or within a few days of completion), and I'm much more confident in my love for my OTP. I'm still going to try to finish at least one of them because I like the idea of it, but I can't make any promises, unfortunately.

    Important headcanon?: 1) Kushina can and will top Minato. She definitely wears the pants in that family. 2) Sasuke has genuine reasons to grieve and suffers post-traumatic stress disorder, dissociative disorder, depression, and possible stockholm syndrome. 3) Sasuke has attachment issues, and his relationship with Naruto is definitely an unhealthy obsession/codependent. 4) Sakura (as she is now, not in pre-ship) would be happy if her boys ended up together. As long as they were happy together, genuinely, I think she would support them, even if she was also a little sad because they can be so destructive to one another; they're also each other's strength. 5) ​Konoha is not a happy, shiny place where everyone is good. They take money for missions--thefts, assassinations, regular chores, escorting dignitaries--they do it all, and they train child soldiers to do so.

    Other fandoms I read: ​Kyou Kara Maou, No. 6, Durarara, Star Wars, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Nabari no O, Loveless, Tiger & Bunny

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