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    What can I say about my self except that I love to read and now I love to write as well. I love writing fantasy. All my story are mpreg except one. The reason why I write mpreg is because there is not enough of them out there. And not to mention that one of my favorite yaoi manga is sex pistol I love that manga.

    UPDATE November 20 2010. I have no problem speaking English. I am just not good with English grammars. And yes English is not my first language.

    UPDATE February 15 I am sorry to all those that wanted to read the original forbidden book I accidentally deleted it I promise to have it up again soon.

    Story that are beta. The Red String of Faith.(on hold) The Switch. Dara and the selfish dragon of the east. You are my one and only love. Follow your heart. The White Phoenix. The forbidden book-rewrite. A Christmas To Remember. Shadow Of The Heart.

    Story that are not beta. The Forbidden book-old version- DELETED WILL BE UP AGAIN SOON. The Forbidden book 2-dragon mate. A match made in heaven- only chapter 1,52-56 are beta The Last Fire Phoenix- only chapter 24-31 are beta. My heart is not for sale- only chapter 9,10 and 14 is beta.

    Complete story. A Christmas To Remember. The Forbidden book-old version. chapter 1-26end. The Forbidden book 2-the dragon mate. chapter 1-26end. A Match made in heaven. chapter 1-56end. The Last Fire Phoenix-chapter 1-31end.

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