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    I live in Canada, where I love the summers, and try to avoid the cold, largely unsuccessfully. I love reading, pretty much anything will do in a pinch. I have more fetishes and kinks than patience to enumerate, and a penchant for reading about them, and any others you can think of. The only thing that has 'squicked' me to date is child abuse, of any kind. People who don't know me well think I'm a suck-up or weird. People who DO know me call me 'FREAK!' and get odd looks from our co-workers. *shrugs* All my close friends are as perverted as me anyways. I usually only post completed stories... I don't want to risk leaving people hanging... I work too much to trust myself to do even a chapter per week. If you like my work, please tell me, if you don't, please tell me! You can also leave requests, I'll see what I can do... I've donated... have you?

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