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    Hello and welcom to my AFF Profile. You might know Serani from or AO3. I am also known as Grace R. Duncan out on the web and in the world of published gay romance. There's lots more about that at my website below.

    I admit, I've been out of the fanfiction world for a while. When I was first published in 2013, I had insisted I wouldn't get away from it, that I'd make sure to keep writing, but time has a way of being limited and I have to focus on what pays the bills first.

    That said, I have recently been re-reading my fanfiction and trying not to cringe. Some of my earlier works make me want to just hide! However, when I started writing *mumbles* years ago, I promised myself--and my readers--that I wasn't going to pull any of my works. To that end, however, I have decided to try editing them. At least some of them. I intend to replace existing chapters, rather than create new works in an attempt to keep the existing comments and bookmarks in place. Worry not, I have no intention of changing the stories. Just the ridiculous amount of epithets. And punctuation errors. And, POV issues. And... yeah.

    You can find links for my other profiles on my website below. If you'd like to contact me directly, please feel free to email me at

    I hope you enjoy the stories and please note that I still love comments and the like. Even published authors want to hear from our readers!

    Thanks for stopping by!

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