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    Hall of Shame Contestant # 753 Hello everyone!!! Look! I won! I'm finally in the Hall of Shame! See? All my hard work at plagiarism and flaming helped me succeed in getting the wonderful title of a Hall of Shamer!!!! I would like to thank all the people who gave me this opportunity to enter in the contest for the Best Plagiarist Ever and win. My mother who supported me by buying the literature that I had the honour of taking from. My father for supporting me by reading it no matter what the content was. And the rest of my family for telling me it's okay to copy the copyrighted material. This profile that you just happen to be looking at is another reward for being placed there. Aren't I wonderful? I get such a special profile created by our loving admins! It just tickles me silly!!! I wish I had done this ages ago! I'm sure I would have been the first one entered. But alas, I didn't think about it soon enough. Well, I hate to say that I'm leaving, but I'm in here so my work is done! I hope all of you other plagiarists and copycats win the exclusiveness of the Hall of Shame.
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