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    ============================================================ ((About Myself)) ============================================================ Hello. My name is Ayden Jacob Isaac; or at least, that's what I go by for now. I use this name to publish anonymous works, and publish my other writings under yet another false name. People find it strange that I tend to write from a woman's point of view in first person, but I'm comfortable with it for whatever reason. Fantasy and SciFi is my usual, or at least preferred, geanre of writing, and there is no one POV that I stick to; First, Second, Third & Third, its all the same to me. I will occasionally write requests, but know that it's only when I feel it. If something doesn't work, its just not going to happen. I write fanfiction. Or fiction in general. Either one. Did I mention that I'm bisexual? I'm not one of the gay/bi/les/trans pride fags with rainbow bumper stickers and parades and shit, but I'm not going to let you fuck with me for it. Back to that fanfiction-- I write both het and slash, a lot of slash though. Actually, most fics I write are slash. My actual writing can be either. A lot of it has to do with sex, but doesnt have much sex written in it. As always; don't like, don't read. I really love writing fics with other writers, alternating between chapters or whatever you want. If theres something you want to write with me, just bounce the idea off me via email and I'll get back to you. I also do editor/beta work. If theres something you would like me to look at, feel free to ask. If something you have is really long already, I might not be willing to, as I do have a life outside of writing. Flames will be used to cook dinner. - AJI ============================================================ ((About My Original Works)) ============================================================ Hello all. Welcome to the world of my characters. These same characters are constantly picked up and re-set into different situations. There are no strict rules, there is no set reading order. It's whatever I feel like at the time. The only rule is that it is always from Emily's point of view, usually first person. Yes I know that this may seem strange, seeing as I am a guy (bisexual or not), but I don't really care. Emily is my main character. She has a thing for sex. She's 18 for the most part, and her birthday is September 20th, so she gets older as time goes on. Some of these stories have magic, some of them don't. I like writing fantasy, but it's not the only thing I do..... ============================================================ ((My Ships)) ============================================================ *Harry Potter - My first look into the world of fanfiction was HP... I'll read most anything really. ~Harry/Draco ~Hermione/Draco ~Harry/Ginny ~Sirius/Remus *House MD - Another wonderful fandom. ~Original Chouse! (AKA Chase = lost puppy and not mini-house) *Pirate of the Caribbean - Haven't visited this one in a while, but hey, I'm still game for it. ~Jack/Elizabeth ~Jack/Will *Yu-Gi-Oh! - The Original. Holy crap what a good show. ~Psychoshipping ~Puppyshipping ~Revolutionshipping ~Polarshipping ~Theifshipping ~Tendershipping ~Bronzeshipping .... and many more. *Supernatural - I never thought I could fall in love with a TV show so hard... the one, the only ~WINCEST.

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