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    Hi, people! 

    There's nothing much to say about me. I'm a rather boring person. But what is going inside my head - that's another story.

    I love reading and love manga and anime. I cherish every moment when I can sit down and write my stories or fanfics or some other gibberish that might or might not end up being something worthy of showing other people.

    I come from Poland and live in a small town.

    What I write? Mostly Koisuru Boukn "Tyrant who falls in love  fanfiction; Pet Shop of Horrors; some other stuff that are not finished yet.

    English is my second language, but I have a wonderful beta and she helps me a lot and puts up with all my mistakes! Otherwise my work would be poor written, just like the first chapters I wrote in my life. In the future I intend to write more, but I lack time, unfortunately. Anyway, nice to be here!

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