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    (Did a pen name change recently, so if you're confused about having seen my stories here on AFF under the name CloverReef, don't worry. It was me.)

    Hi guys!

    Here's a quick summary of everything anyone needs to know about me. I'm an M/M writer and a member/ally of the LGBTQIA community. I’m passionate about betaing, writers, their styles, and how they choose to evolve. And on a molecular level, I consist mostly of carbon, procrastination, and writer neurosis. Also cat hair. ← That’s science. 


    Fic List (Last Updated: December 2017)


    In The Works
    (WIP and Completed fics in the process of being posted.)

    Cold Snap (Horror, Romance)
    - Finished. 21 Chapters, 19 posted
    Talking Dogs (Will be available in the Xmas anthology on December 20th)
    - Finished. Oneshot.
    Wish (Christmas)
    - Finished. Oneshot


    My Completed Fics:

    Blue Eyes (Available in Tahn's Halloween Party Anthology, Oneshot, Horror, Darkfic)
    The Devil Began to Sing (Oneshot, Horror)
    Worship (Oneshot, Fantasy-ish?)
    Little Red (Romance)
    Evening Wear (Drama)
    Heirloom (Supernatural Thriller)
    Ivory (Pulled due to quality. Revisions needed)
    Ashen Empire (Pulled due to missing chapter.)

    Fiacra's Secret (Pulled due to quality. Possible future rewrite.)


    Blackbird (No longer available, Action, Drama, Erotica)
    Crawling Within (No longer available, Horror, Fantasy, Survival)
    Lights (No longer available, Paranormal, Drama, Horror)

    Mr. Reid (No longer available, Drama)

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