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    You can find the statuses of my writing projects on my forum profile.


    Here's a quick summary of my online existence:

    Been in online communities for 22 years. I started writing fanfiction when I was about 13, delved into smut around 16, while I was still in the Tekken Fandom. You can still find some of my old shitty stories floating around and the Noire Sensus fan site, under the pen name "Chlover". Then drama happened and I shimmied my way briefly through other fandoms. Star Ocean, Saiyuki, a few others I don't remember, but I eventually settled into the original archive of AFF around 2007ish. Been there ever since. 

    Of course, writing isn't the only thing I do online under the PlagueClover/Chlover/CloverReef tags. I'm also on Twitter as Plague Clover. I beta for all my friends, and occasionally for strangers on AFF if they beg prettily enough. And I am a gamer. Console games, mostly. Ones with strong single-player campaigns: Fallout, Dragon Age, Elder Scrolls, Assassin's Creed, etc. (shout out to my guilty pleasure: Harvest Moon). 

    Oh and politically! Because politics are important lately: I'm far left, honey. Feminist, pansexual, with strong love-hate feelings for capitalism in general. Because trickle-down is bullshit, but I really love McDonald's cheeseburgers, so... You know. Priorities. 

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