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    I just thought I'd get an account here as well. I have accounts with FF.Net, FOS-FF.Net and MM.Org, all under the name DefiantVixen. I write mostly Female!Kai from Beybladde stories at the moment, all mixed with a healthy dose of my own created character bashing. The stories are usually filled with OC cliches, but with twists that makes fun of all the cliches in some way or another. I will admit now that I hate OCs with an unreasonable amount of rage and will not hesitate in mocking all OC cliches; eg, Kai's Sister, etc. If you are offended by OC bashing and Female!Kai, then I suggest you don't read any of my stories. The OCs that I bash are my own, no one elses. I would never hunt down other people's OCs just to bash them in my stories unless I have permission to do so or they do something to really -I mean really- piss me off. But that hasn't happened yet, fortunately. That's it for now, I'm not sure which sub-cat to put my stories in, to be honest. I write genderbending stories, so technicially, I write het and Yaoi. So, just to be on the safe side, I'l upload my stories in general. Thanks for taking the time to read my profile and I'm sorry that you wasted your life in doing so. ~Vixen

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