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    About me: Hi. I'm a young-ish female that likes to play around with the gundam boys in my spare time. I have differing views on most of the characters depending on what setting their in, and I like to play with the interactions between them all. I am not a huge fan of the original pairings, tho I do have a 1x2x1 in progress. Otherwise you're going to find mostly 1x3x1s in my archive. My favorite character is Trowa. I love how much depth you can give him due to his characteristic silence in the series. And I absolutely despise fics that only make him this muted other half of Quatre because its easier to do than flesh him out as a character. I started writing in this genre mainly in response to reading others' fics. The complete absence of non-angst-ridden 1x3 stories drove me to create my own instead of moping about the lack thereof. My main goal in writing, aside from the stress relief it provides me, is to give others something new to think about. And the highest compliment you can pay me as an author is to tell me that I may have changed a low opinion of the pairings to a more favorable one. That was my original intent after all. I love my readers dearly, and if you leave a review, I've set up a forum thread "Fiction by Aestas" or somesuch in the Anime2 section that lets me respond to your comments. Thanks for stopping by!

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