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    Welcome to my profile! My name is Petra Wolfe, and I've been writing on this site for almost ten years. I love to write, and creating stories is my biggest passion! Over the years, I've written a western, a romantic liason at a church camp, and a supernatural thriller in a small town in Arizona. However, my biggest achievement were not the others, of which only the western was completed, but Loser, my largest, longest, and most loved tale. Right now, I'm working on another story called Rotten, which is a post-apocalypic violent tale while also adding chapters to Loser's epilogue, Winner.

    Life gets in the way of writing sometimes, but that doesn't mean that it isn't such an important aspect in my life. I will not make promises for updating, but I plan to start utilizing a schedule for upcoming chapters as I used to in the beginning of my time here on the site. I hope to be more consisten in the future and thank you all so much for your patience, kindness, and support over the years! I can be reached at with any questions or comments.

    Thank you :)

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