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    Hello there! I figured it was about time I actually posted something about myself here, now that I've stopped lurking and actually posting stories, lol. I'm a Creative Writing major who has only recently gotten into fanfiction (mmm, six or seven months now?), mostly Kensei/Shuuhei from Bleach (though I do love all of KT's other gorgeous characters, and the intricacy of the details that goes into their characterization), an avid reader of just about anything, and a happy reviewer. I took a break from working on my original fiction due to a massive case of writer's block that fanfiction seems to be helping; it's good practice to work with established characters and a universe not my own, not to mention great fun to play out differing scenarios for characters while trying to stay true to the author (KT's) vision for them. I welcome any and all comments, (doesn't every writer), and am pretty good at taking concrit with grace (though I love to argue my point--not out of a sense of superiority, cause the gods only know I'm far from an expert--but due to the fact that discussion gets me all kinds of fired up *grins*). So thank you for reading, and reviewing, and hopefully I'll have more work to post in the near future.
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