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    I really like that little icon thingy. :D Ehehehe. Some info on the stories... Currently working on- Music of the demons- Because of a review left at the end of another story, i'll be putting most of my attention towards this story until i'm done. From what i can tell, it's not even halfway over. i really need to start working on it, huh? Dreaming of Demonic Babies- Started writing the story, don't know when I'll upload it. I'm shit with summaries, so that's holding me back as well... Dreaming of Demonic Sisters- What! But you already finished it... I'm redoing it. Not editting it. Completely and totally rewritting it. It just doesn't seem right to me. Ocean Storms- Stuck on the next chapter, but over halfway done. (Which i have been for a while :() Shadow- Sorry for those that like this story, but i'm not going to be updating it anytime soon. maybe if i get the other's done. i don't plan on abandoning it. ----- If you want to contact me, my e-mail is

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