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    Live in West Virginia, which is kinda boring. Not really much to do here. I love to write stories about Buffy and Spike ((even if they aren't that good)), love to watch television sometimes, but mainly like to get on EF and read stories that people have posted. I have posted on EF and on SR. I hate when people begin to write a really good story, but then they never finish it. I mean, I understand if they have writer's block, cause I get that, too...more than I would like to admit. I love to meet new friends, so feel free to add me on yahoo IM or if you have a myspace, on myspace, too! If I write a story and someone reviews on it, I always make sure that I go and read one of their stories and review it, too. I appreciate the reviews and like to return the favor. I like to get constructive criticism because I think that it helps me grow as a writer. I love it when people are actually nice when criticizing me, because I usually get hot tempered and I blow up and usually don't really pay attention to the advice if the person is being rude/mean. I am drawn to nice...((I know I sound like a two year old, but it's the truth)). I guess that's all there really is to me. So I hope you like my stories! =)

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