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    Hi there :) Well I've been here a little while now and thought I should update my profile as I'm no longer the bumbling newcomer I once was. So I'm still more than old enough to know better, as my friends and family have finally given up trying to tell me, they now just suffer in silence - but I'm still completely addicted to the Harry Potter universe. I started writing fan fiction after the end of the series; originally because of my dissatisfaction at the way my beloved Severus Snape was treated in the final book and to get over the trauma of his death. Since then I've written many stories, with many characters from the Potterverse - most, if not all of them in some way AU (it's obviously hard to stay canon when Severus is alive and kicking!) I write as my muse takes me, which means sometimes I cover topics that might not be considered good taste, or includes characters people might not enjoy seeing together. I have no control over this as once I have a plot bunny in my brain I can do nothing until I get it onto the screen. Some of these efforts will never see the light of day; some are works in progress that haven't got far enough to consider publishing and some will be butchered for use in other stories with other characters at a later date - but some will eventually make their way here. Generally I will try to either finish a story, or at least have the end in sight before I start publishing as I know only too well the utter frustration of reading a part-completed fic that is then abandoned. I also try to update regularly when posting, although obviously I'm at the mercy of real life and it doesn't always go to plan. I promise that I will never abandon a story. I do have a wonderful beta by the name of Mamacita who manages to keep me pretty much on the straight and narrow where punctuation is concerned as I do have a tendency to forget it when I'm on a roll. However, if you spot any errors please feel free to let me know. Like all authors I LOVE and get very excited about getting a review - obviously the good ones are always excellent - it really makes me feel good to know that you're enjoying my story or the way I write. But if you have a constructive critical point to make which you think will help to improve my writing please feel free to leave a comment on that too. Flamers please don't bother. Your petty-mindedness works to cause pain, but will be reported and you gain nothing in the long run. So I hope you enjoy my stories. If not I apologize and hope you find something more to your taste soon. There are many other wonderful stories out there. In case you're interested I also publish stories here: http://www.fanfiction.net/~dazzlious I also have a blog: http://dazzliousaworkoffiction.blogspot.co.uk/ which I generally use to announce when the latest chapter or a new story has been posted, although occasionally, when I have time I do delve into talking about other people's stories. If you have any recommendations for stories for me to read then please feel free to leave a comment there. Dazzlious xxx

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