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    I am humble fan of Inuyasha, Bleach, Blood +, and Full Metal Alchemist. I have three stories; 'I am the Moon' and 'The Heirs Apparent' and 'Chronicles of the Moon'. 'I am the Moon' is about the House of the Moon before the Shikon no Tama and after. 'The Heirs Apparent' is a crossover between the Inuyasha and Bleach universe that takes place in the Modern era and follows the members of Lord Sesshomaru's family. It has original characters from 'I am the Moon' and some favorite Bleach characters. 'Chronicles of the Moon' is the last chapter in the three part saga. It takes place from ancient dramas to modern war. Ancient myths and characters from Bleach and Inuyasha are together as they face off dangerous and evil previously unknown. The ultimate question gets answered and will peace settle upon the House of the Moon? I follow canon loosely but this story uses many ancient myths and places from history. It is AU and it definitely uses the myths of demons from all societies and cultures. It is about redemption after falls and the strength in family be it however numerous or different.
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