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    Not too much say about me; I am female, 32, proud mother of 2, and Canadian. I go by the same name at but haven't bothered to post my older workd from there to here. I love anime and reading fanfiction, but I have an irrational hatred for AU fics, ie taking the characters and turning them into something they are not such as a school teacher etc. I really, really hate AU high school fics.  I have done a few one shots with Kazes, where we both take a prompt and write a story out to see how they differ. The two NOT posted under my name are: Lab Hazards (Szayel and Nnoitra) Gleeful Vengeance (Kazeshini/Kira) If anyone else would like to do a challenge like that send me a letter and I might be interested. I am pretty open to most prompts as I look at these challenges as both a personal challenge and as a way to push my own writing.

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