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    I am a hardcore NaruSasu/SasuNaru shipper. I believe they belong together... :D I always accept criticism, however, I hope it is always constructive rather than just pure flames... Pure flames like Amaterasu burn right through me... I am relatively new to Fanfiction writing, but am definitely not new to the world of Naruto Fanfiction. A Naruto fanfiction reader since 2005. My current project is Konoha Legal. Updates have been daily, but will slow for me to gain a lead on the chapters. PM me if you want anything. I don't bite! :) I am also a big believer of reviewing other's work. I will review any fanfiction that I have ever set my eyes on. I believe that if the author has put in the effort the least you could do is review him/her. Oh... and I absolutely despise Karin. And I have seen so many fanfictions that have been ruined by bad grammar/bad English. shakes head It is really a shame! Plus who else is anxiously waiting for the Sasuke shirtless/half nude scenes to be on anime? drools I am such a perv ;) slaps myself Uzumaki Naruto, not Naruto Uzumaki. Uchiha Sasuke, not Sasuke Uchiha. Naruto is in japanese... How would you feel if we started to call Kobe Bryant Bryant Kobe? Plus, I think D/s or BDSM is hawt. The exact reason I've opened an AFF account :D

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