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    Ideas for progressing plotlines are always more than welcome. I'll listen to any ideas you may have. Nothing is set in stone until it's posted, so there's always room for more ideas in future chapters.


    Completed Stories:

    Solace In Nihility- (Kingdom Hearts) When a new Nobody appears in The City That Never Was, Axel shows her that her new situation isn't all bad. Axel/Reader

    Desire For the Devil- (Kingdom Hearts) Xigbar loves teasing the members of Organization XIII, but when he finds the newest member after a battle against a Heartless, the teasing turns into something more. Xigbar/Reader

    Unwavering Loyalty- (Kingdom Hearts) After a failed mission, Xemnas orders you to prove yourself, and you obey, in more ways than one. Xemnas/Reader

    Temptation of the Moon- (Kingdom Hearts) An offhand comment from Larxene plants the notion in your head to pursue the cold Luna Diviner, but he has other plans. Saix/Reader

    Knight In Shining Leather- (Final Fantasy XV) After saving you from a bad fall, Prompto asks for a kiss in return, only to realize that he wants much more. Prompto Argentum/Reader

    In-progress Stories:

    Blood and Fire- Hidan recruits a new servant of Jashin, but in the process, gets more than he bargained for. Hidan/OC

    Spirit of the Wolf- When an experiment goes wrong, one young woman and her protector set out to find the cause behind it, and stop the resulting monsters before it's too late.

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