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    Yo. I am a boozy, jaded, 20yr old chain-smoker, whom if given a request will write...I am a request-whore, and I know that the first step to recovery is to acknowladge my problem...AA is for quiters. I like yaoi, yuri, and het; I'm really an equal-oppertunity porn addict. I own MASSIVE amounts of manga and japanimation: *Saiyuki(and Reload)-Sanzo is the shit *Naruto-Kakashi is awsome but Itachi is hot *Gundum-*_* so... many... off-shoots... I shower you with brain matter upon eplosion. *Bleach-Byakuya and Hitsugya, nuff said *Code Geass-Lelouch Lamperouge with his god complex *Death note-L Lives! *Avatar the Last Air-Bender-Zutara, because there will be a second season. *Fruits Basket-Kyo the neko *Never Give Up-everybody is just wonderful *Kill me, Kiss me-Jinn woo kung fu *Samurai Champloo- Jin and Muugen *The Devil Does exist-Does it ever end?!? I'll type more when I have the time, but this is a good start.
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