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    All my stories are AFFO.  I've written several in the Marvel domain of this site, and several in the Anime: Rosario+Vampire domain.  For now, I'm finished writing fics for the latter, but I'm considering expanding into other domains.  

    My stories in general tend towards Hetero relationships (M/F), though I've been experimenting with bi and lesbian females in my more recent works.  My stories also tend more towards "erotica" than "porn" - I prefer to set the sex scenes into context of the specific characters I'm writing about, who usually are in some level of romantic relationship.  So if you want to read about characters who just "do it like they do on the Discovery Channel," you've come to the wrong place.

    I'm also a classic rock buff, so look for references in my stories - some in the chapter title, some in the chapter itself; some subtle, some not.  Likewise, I also love homaging movies, TV shows, and literary works.  Easter eggs galore!

    I welcome feedback in general and I'm always open to constructive critique on my stories, including ones that I wrote a long time ago; so please don't hesitate to leave reviews even for my oldest work!

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