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    Find me at Th Mpreg Archive: And Mpreg Forum! http://thempregarchive.lefora.com/forum/ http://www.fanfiction.net/~spiffysquiggleminkmantraiii Well my little pervert! come for a nosy have you! Well welcome to Castle Mantra, home to every Mantra since 1796 AD. My father of course was a common Squigglemink, hence my wonderful name Spiffy Squigglemink- mantra III such a noble name amoungst the likes of: Oprah Noodle-Mantra Whilhamena Josephina Jane Johnson- Mantra And not forgeting my great grandfather: Travis BillyBob Salamander Newton Smythe Jameson Algernon Arkansas Simbermore Appleberry Cornfed Grumption Mantra XV I hope you like my Decor, Pink and Orange really are my favourite colours and together with beige give that wonderful sence of vomitous glory! Alas my little reader I jest, you see I am a close Friend of Albus Dumbledore ( much bloody younger mind you!) and I have all the little perverted tails that Albus never told a soul but me, not even that muggle Johanna Rowling that he had a massive fling with in the mid-ninetees oh the stories I could tell about her! A little minx she was! lovely woman though! Anyway my little chums I will give you all the stories of Harry Potter and his many friends, Not forgetting my little Drakee-Poo! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Love Always Spiffy
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