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    I have been gone for quite along time these last few years. Whilst still reading quite a lot it has been some time since I have actually published anything. I have recently started on a new set of stories. The plan is to put up the first chapers of each and then alternate the updates each week. This will mean breaks for various stories as others get uploading.

    I have taken down Magic By The Sea and reuploaded it. This is due to the fact that I have decided to heavily alter the story and have since done many new chapters. Stay tuned.

    If you are looking for sex with an interesting plot, you have come to the right place. Often my plots have a classic setting but an odd twist. Using Glass Dragon as an example, it is a classic; art student falls in love with his idol and gets the opportunity to work with him. The twist? His idol is a dragon and the art student blows glass. I specialise in male/male pairings but will sometimes throw in female/male pairings such as the case in The Collectors.

    I am always open for reviews and helpful comments or suggestions. For somewhat obvious reasons, I won’t be using my real name or address on here. I would like to keep my regular life separate from this set of work.


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