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    I've been writing for a number of years. After a long break I am releasing several new stories. If you are looking for smut with an interesting plot, you have come to the right place. Often my plots have a classic setting but an odd twist. I specialize in male/male pairings but will sometimes throw in female/male pairings such as the case in The Collectors. The plan is to put up the first chapters of each story and then alternate the updates each week. This will mean breaks for various stories as others get uploading.

    My current upload schedule is every Friday and Tuesday afternoon. I do work two jobs, study full time and have just bought a house so please understand if there are small breaks in uploads. I am always open for reviews and helpful comments or suggestions.

    You can also see my original stories on FictionPress. Support me on my patreon: and get to vote on new up and coming stories and their themes.

    Every little bit helps or a least pays for my coffee...

    There may be the odd wonderful person out there who remembers Magic by the Sea from years ago. I have taken down Magic by the Sea and reuploaded it. This is due to the fact that I have decided to heavily alter the story and have since done many new chapters. Enjoy

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