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    Web alias: Lady Scereyaha Dreamweaver


    I write stories and release them as writing practice. I do plan on releasing original novels, so feedback on what I'm doing wrong or right will help me. even if something isn't technically wrong, but is jarring to read, let me know.

    I also do digital artwork and have a number of creative hobbies. I have an account on deviant art, and it's probably the only place I really frequent when I'm feeling well and have net access, so if you want to get a hold of me, check me out there.

    I mostly write about personalities, no matter how you slice it, how people think and feel, and how that affects how they interact and play off of one another. I do tend to write slash with heavily adult themes and content, all tastefully done, of course. This is in part because that's what fans want to read, and in part because that's what I'm good at.

    My writing has evolved since the last thing I've posted online, even the story I'm currently posting on DA, I will start releasing something new at some point, and probably keep things to shorter stories from now on. 100 pages or less. I don't like leaving things unfinished, so everything I start posting, you can be assured is already written through till the end, somewhere.

    I would like to work with more straight couples, for those of you who aren't so into "man love" and maybe some less adult material, but I haven't had the inspiration bite me as of yet, apologies.

    Also, I am sorry my profile here has remained so neglected. It's rather un-stimulating to me, as far as I've seen, compared to DA's high graphic content. I'll try to make my page here look decent soon.

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