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    R E I Taken. Goth. German. Former account on here has not yet been removed, so don't get confused. Yeah, my profile is pretty basic and changes soo much. So do vist to see my changes. =] I love the internet and if you add me I will talk to you. =] I don't add people if I won't talk to them so please don't do that to me. I hope to make this profile a bit more advanced. Oh also, don't be decieved by my profile picture. I rarely use myself as my profile picture because I attract perverts, end of. But it's actually me this time. =] I swear an awful lot. Sorry if I offend you with it. I'm critic but fair and I adore RPGing and computer games. I don't pretend to be something I'm not. Please don't flirt with my fiance because I will rip your legs off and feed them to your siblings... or dog, if you haven't siblings. ;P I suffer Trichotillomania and I'm a OCD sufferer. So be considerate what you say/ask me please. an image FUCKING LOVES Stuart Tea Manga Drumming Goth clothes Black cats Ganondorf Internets Belle (B&TB) Swimming Modelling Piggies David Tennant Art Gaia Bebo MySpace Sleeping Tobin Bell Decent loud music Synthetic falls Make-up Dreadlocks Boots with huge heels Piercings and tattoos Alan Rickman Gengar (Pokemon) S&M My (very few) friends Camden and Brighton SAW movies Money My tattoo Jason Voorhees (FvJ) Cybergoths Cybernurses Kakashi Hatake FUCKING HATES Chavs Thugs Ghetto idiots That kilt-like pattern shit chavs wear Most the people in my hostel General people outside my home Pink Blonde dumbos Thieves Ass-kissers Flirts Whores My hostel Amy Winehouse People from other countries Indians and India My exboyfriends My exgirlfriends Amy Lee Toothaches Wisdom teeth Link (LoZ) Narrow-minded fucks Anorexics Shoreham and its inhabitants Job hunting Liars People who block me then come on my page The admin of HF, because they hate me for some unknown reason Ppl who tlk lik dis innit pEOpLE WhO dO ThIS If you do either of the last two, I will not reply to you. You are retarded and need to learn how to spell. Thak you. ^_^ Also, if you bothered to read this, I am very greatful. Very few people read your profiles.
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