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    I love dragons and cats and moonlight. Spiders scares me something fierce, but I just don’t have the heart to kill them. I’m that person running around with a glass to fish them up and relocate them to the outside world. I’m also quite sure that once I get them there, all they do is plot their way back into my life and my shower curtain.

    I live on the country side where the forests grow thick and the lakes are aplenty. In the small forgotten town I grew up in stood a castle that was hundreds and hundreds of years old. Me and the few other kids around used to play in it and the small labyrinth on the backside. You’d think this would have taught me how to find my way around. It hasn’t. I get lost all the time. Once, I was lost in the woods for an entire day, drinking spring water and lamenting my broken sense of direction. I’m just glad that back then I didn’t know how many wolves lived in the area.

    I have a dog. He’s very annoying. He is also the BEST!

    I love to write, but I tend to update slowly. Sorry. English also isn’t my native language, so I mess up a lot. I do try though. :)

    If you want to contact me, you can reach me over at DA :)

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