Harley Quinn

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  • Entwined
    The Joker. Harley Quinn. Poison Ivy. What happens when these three villainous psychopaths are forced to hideout together? Why, a threesome of epic proportions of course! Abuse, Anal, Angst, BDSM, Bond, COMPLETE, D/s, Dom, DP, Fet, Fist, Humil, M/F/F, Oral, Rim, S&M
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  • Manifestation
    Dr Harleen Quinzel gets a visit from her darkest desire. Abuse, Angst, COMPLETE, D/s, Humil, M/F, N/C, Oneshot, SH
    Posted : 2008-11-08 -:- Edited : 2008-11-08 00:53:48 -:- Read Reviews
  • Killing Time
    PWP Smut - pure, unbridled straight to the point kinky sex between the Joker and Harley Quinn BDSM, COMPLETE, D/s, Dom, DP, M/F, Oneshot, PWP, S&M
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  • Dangerous Games
    Harley dresses up as Batgirl to give Mistah J a thrill... and gets more than she bargained for. Dark, kinky, extreme smut. Abuse, Angst, BDSM, Bond, BP, COMPLETE, D/s, Dom, Fist, H/C, Humil, M/F, N/C, Oneshot, S&M, Tort, Violence
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  • Sold
    Harley is in gear and Mistah J ain't playing. So she decides to look elsewhere. Total dramedy, with a smattering of smut and a touch of psychology to boot. COMPLETE, D/s, Dom, HJ, M/F, Oneshot
    Posted : 2008-07-29 -:- Edited : 2008-07-29 02:49:14 -:- Read Reviews
  • Scarred
    He'll punish her, and damnit, she won't enjoy it! JokerxHarley. Kinky, smutty, complex and sophisticated. Abuse, BDSM, BP, COMPLETE, D/s, Dom, Fet, M/F, N/C, S&M
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  • First Time
    Joker & Harley's first time, based off the Harley Quinn oneshot. Mainstream universe COMPLETE, D/s, Dom, HJ, M/F, Oneshot, Oral
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  • Deadly Weapon
    The Joker teaches Harley Quinn to keep her hands off his gun... Abuse, BDSM, COMPLETE, D/s, Dom, Fet, Humil, M/F, N/C, Oneshot, PWP, S&M, Toys
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  • Fury
    The Joker comes to visit Barbara Gordon in the dead of night. What has he got in store for her? COMPLETE, D/s, M/F, Oral
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