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    Hi! I'm getting past the age where I keep a track on how old I am, but I know I'm from Sweden and an univeristy student, majoring in History. When I'm not researching and writing academic stuff, I write fanfiction. One day, I plan to write my own fiction, but I still have a lot to learn. Therefore, I appreciate constructive criticism. So, that's all you need to know. Go and read my stories!

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    Welp, I became a writer and it's basically all thanks to the wonderful readers and betas I've had during the years. I'm so happy I started writing fanfiction but right now I have to focus on my original fiction (which unfortunately is in Swedish. Fingers crossed they get translated so all of you can read it too. If you like Tomione, you'd like it.) So thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for all the help, advice, criticism and cheering you have given me. You are all amazing!

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