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    Name:: Zak
    The Writer Formerly Known As:: ....Zak. Because I'm not creative with usernames xD
    Gender:: Male
    Age:: 24
    Hobbies:: Cosplaying, Writing, Video Gaming, Roleplaying, Looking at Dirty Junk. In no particular order xD

    "Hey, whatchu doing here?":: Well lately I've only been here to lurk and look at all of the art~ My intention is to get back into writing fanfiction. It's happening, albeit, slowly xD I can't draw, though I'd love to try to teach myself someday. No promises, though.

    "Why the new name, bro?":: Good reason: Because it's been probably... three or four years since I've written anything. I've gone back and revised a few things and notice that I, in my eyes, have improved a lot-- or at the very least changed my writing style. So new name means new beginning? Silly reason: Because I'm tired of seeing "Zak" in all of my usernames all over the interwebs xD

    "Cool story. What kind of junk do you write?":: Inuyasha stuff will probably always be my main fandom =w= Love it. I'm sure a bunch of different fandoms will be thrown in as time goes on. Maybe some original character stuff. I keep all of my stories here, and on Y!Gal. I try to do pairings that I don't see often... as well as popular ones that I like. ...Pretty much whatever pairings I like, I'll try to write it xD I challenge myself to make the pairing as believable as I can most of the time. Whether or not it works... that depends on your perspective, I suppose xD

    "So hey, you re-wrote a few stories. Why not all of them?":: Because some of them I don't have the patience to salvage .w.;; Plus it's nice to look back on what 18-20 year old Zak did :'D

    "What characters drive you wild, dude?":: Too many to name D: Top of the pyramid? Hrmmm... Kouga, Ginta, Bankotsu, and Inuyasha from Inuyasha. Zack, Zidane, and Kimahri from the Final Fantasy series. Rei from Breath of Fire III. Anurla from Gaia Online. Kogenta from Onmyou Taisenki. Mako and Bolin from Legend of Korra. Machoke from Pokemon. Alistair and Zevran from Dragon Age. Aaaand a couple of OCs I've seen on Y!Gal and Furaffinity.

    "Where else can I find you?":: My furry stories will also be posted on FurAffinity. And my human-y stories will also be posted on Y!Gal. LoboVerdeYZ for both of 'em~ Also, I plan on working up a Tumblr to post junk on. Any reviews that are left here will be replied to on my Tumblr page-- which is also, of course, LoboVerdeYZ.

    I tried to keep it short. Honest D: I ramble. Anywho, I try to be always kind and approachable <3 And know that any favorites, comments, critiques, advice, or anything awesome like that is accepted with much love <3

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