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    I'm 19, Go to Northern Arizona University and am an Anthropology major. I'm a fan of the Naruto yaoi fics; my favorite pairs are NaruSasu, ItaSasu, and KakaSasu. yeah, all include sasuke, cause he's the most awsome and ultimate UKE! so in all my stories, if sasuke is a main pair, he will be the uke. ~~Naruto Theories~~ Theory 1: Why Naruto and Sasuke are Gay (or at least how i know Naruto loves Sasuke) .I'm like Naruto: I have blonde hair, blue eyes, and hyper and happy-go-lucky to hide the true pain life causes me. Keeping that in mind; . I like Sasuke. .So, if i'm like Naruto and I like Sasuke; Clearly Naruto like's Sasuke. Theory 2: Sasuke likes to be dominated. hence he's the uke. .Lets take a look at Sasuke's life; shall we? traveling back to when Sasuke was a kid, he was dominated by his father (i don't mean anything sexual you people with dirty minds. Sasuke was always doing his best to be whatever his father wanted of him; thus dominated. .Lets make Sasuke a bit older; around 8-12; he's being dominated by his older brother. (again, non-sexual --well, maybe a little, in my mind.) Now with his father gone, Sasuke's goal in life is the goal Itachi set for him. .A bit older still; like 13; Do i need to explain orochimaru? .All of that combined proves Sasuke's need to be dominated; so, explain to me how it would even be remotely possible for him to be a seme.

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