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    here goes..............

    likes: playing on computer, D&D, walking, camping, biking, yaoi stories more than the het ones(threesomes cum a close second), martial arts in any form, going to the gym to workout and anything else that involves fun!

    loves: sushi!! japanense cooking, chinesnse cooking, irish cooking, dark chocolate(i get this and I WILL NOT SHARE), books(I have so many it is hard to list), stories on the net(the ones i can find), and hubby most of all.

    Hates: dumb idiots who refuse to leave others alone.

    age: use your own guess

    height: 5ft 8 1/4in tall

    looks like: uh, not going there just yet.

    personality: easy going and fun loving. I'M A YAOI FANGIRL!! *ahem* *BIG puppy eyes* who isn't?

    Naruto universe:Rip It Up My Sweet Peach-> currently 3rd but very short chappy...i got lots of ways to finish this out.

     FVII universe: Reno's Gift-> finished, had to delete and re-add, revised.

    so i will see you all..... laters!



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