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    27 November 2008: This is for the lovely dears who have been patiently waiting for me to update Chrysanthemum and/or Lethe. n.n Chrys is temporarily on hold, as I'm currently studying in Japan, and like a dork, left the draft of the next chapter in the U.S. The next chapter of Lethe is almost done, but I won't be posting it until I return to the U.S. on Christmas Eve. I have a one-shot that I'll be posting once I have time to type it up (it's written in a notebook right now) and get it beta'd. A~nd I'll have a preliminary chapter for a 10-chapter fic posted when I return to the U.S. as well-- one I've been thinking of almost as long as Chrys, but haven't gotten around to typing, even though the entire thing is outlined. XD So once I can return and get my head on straight, I'll be a busy writer. For the time being, please be patient with me, and accept my apologies. u.u March 2008: FANDOM ME: I'm pretty sure there's no way I'll make this bio not sound like "zomg i'm a frickin' n00b!!lolz!" so I'll abandon the attempt altogether. I'm pretty brand new to the Naruto fandom-- as in, I've seen less than ten episodes, and everything I learned about Shikamaru and Neji has been from February 2008 and on. I've also never managed to maintain writing a multi-chaptered fic... hell, I haven't written a fic at all in four years. So here you go. Ganbarimasu. REAL ME: I'm a 22 year old university slave studying psychology and Japanese. I love anime but rarely watch it, I love Harry Potter but rarely reread/rewatch it, I love reading but rarely pick up new books anymore if it's not for a literature class. I talk too much. I have not much of a life IRL, although a few friends drag me out from time to time. I'm nocturnal when I can be, but school kind of gets in the way of that. I don't do well in groups, but I *love* one-on-one interaction. I talk too much. I can come off as hostile upon first meeting me, but I'm not-- impatient, sure, and bitchy sometimes, but not generally hostile. I'm an incubator, meaning I put everything off until the last possible second, then barely get my work done, and usually do fairly well. Oh, and I talk too much. (That being said, I hate shallow conversation and suffer horribly at chitchat. A people-person, I am not.) I'm average (Asian) height, average build, but for some reason, just my arms are long and scrawny. Makes it hard to find a jeogori that fits. I always wear two silver dog tags (one with Sakuma Ryuuichi's name engraved, the other with Draco Malfoy's), 8+ rings, 3+ pairs of earrings, and 3+ hairties on my wrist/one in my hair. Usually I wear a second (or third, or fourth, or fifth) necklace-- rainbow beads, or a d20 incased in a silver spiral, or a black cross, or a Slytherin pendant. I often can be seen with cat ears on, and sometimes a long, black tail. And unless I'm dressed up for some formal reason, I generally wear my fangirl on my sleeve, but without being a neon sign about it (usually). And to state this beforehand: No, I'm not a boy. No, the "D" in my name doesn't stand for Duo (much as I'm in love with 1x2-- first ever OTP!), it stands for Daryn. Mmmkay, that's all. Ciao, lovelies!

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