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    I accidently deleted my profile so I'm starting from scratch. It's okay though, because I was overdue for an update.

    I have a soft spot for villains. You'll probably notice that most of my stories are about the villains' in stories rather then the hero, and more sympathetic to the villains' cause. Just some of my favorite actors that portrayed characters in my stories:

    Tom Hiddleston, Mark Strong, Paul Bettany, Jason Issacs, Leonard Nimoy, Stephen Lang, Jack Davenport, and many others.

    I love feedback. I am a major feedback whore. I live for feedback. So if you read my stories, please please please give me a review! Either comment on the story that you are reading, or send me an e-mail directly at

    My grammar and spelling is usually down to my word program thinking it knows best, and my not going back over it before I post it. I apologize for that. I am currently looking for a beta that's willing to work on my stories with me, but so far no one has taken the job.

    Many of my stories are still works in progress, ones that are completed will be clearly marked as COMPLETED. Sometimes my muse abandons me in the middle of an idea and there's nothing I can do about getting her to come back until she feels like it. I apologize, please bare with me.

    Anyway, there is quite the collection of my stories, please feel free to read them and let me know what you thought! Constructive criticism please. I ignore and delete unnecessarily rude comments.

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