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    In addition to the required disclaimer included with every story:

    Blanket “Disclaimer”/Semi-Formal Legal Babble

    All my stories are based on other works of fiction (source material) of which I am not the creator nor the copyright holder. While in some cases I am working in the knowledge that the creator and/or copyright holder of the source material has given some kind of general permission to do what I have done for non-profit purposes (see also: fanlore org/wiki/Professional_Author_Fanfic_Policies ), I have not asked or gotten personal permission to write any of the stories published under this account, nor am I in any way associated with aforementioned persons. By writing these stories, I am not creating any monetary or other gain for myself or anyone associated with me, nor causing any kind of monetary or other loss or damage to the creator and/or copyright holder of the corresponding source material. No-one is obligated to appreciate or approve of my stories, but they are acts of love, creative drive, and community spirit, and I hope they will be received as such. :)

    Linking my fanfic around or making copies for private use is fine, but reposting or otherwise redistributing without my permission is not. I already crosspost a lot, though, so if you’d like to see something of mine hosted in a particular place, just point me there.

    I have an open sandbox policy. Meaning that in the unlikely event that anyone feels inspired to create something new based on any of my fics, and would like to know if I’m okay with that: I am. Inspired-by fics, fanart, podfic or video, translations, whatever: if you asked, I would most likely say yes. You have no idea what it would do to my ego. xD Please be courteous ask me before you publish anything of the sort, though. Plus, and this should be obvious: I ask that you give credit where credit is due, and send me a link to where this new material is/will be located. I would love to link back to it in return!

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