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    I've noticed I seem to prefer fandoms that no one here cares exist. XDD So if you're wandering across my profile, I'd like to take a moment to let you know that you've got excellent taste. ^^' Most of the stuff I've written is half-assed and unbeta-ed and only done by request... I do have a few things I consider to be far better than what I've bothered to post... just... can't seem to find the right audience for it. [Rampant necroholic here] I tend to favor minor characters, villains, and of course, the good old fashioned perverts. I'm a a big, big fan of: [Farscape] John Crichton x Bialar Crais [X-Files] Fox Mulder x Alex Krycek [Other] Anything in which: one of the characters is a sadistic murder and/or rapist... and is coercing some innocent character into dating them, and the innocent one falls for the evil one anyway. ::happy sigh.:: OR one of the characters dies/is already dead... and the smut continues anyway.

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