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    Hi, I am Rhosyn! I wrangle pot bunnies into vivid, exciting, and sensual romantic science fiction and fantasy adventures! I firmly believe that love is love no matter who your partner is (or partners in some cases) and my stories reflect that. Whether it’s your typical hero and heroine defeating the evil overlord, the evil overlord defeating the hero and winning the heroine (I do have a soft spot for villains), or two heroes or heroines deciding they've found their soul mates in each other, if it’s true love go for it. I also write for causes I believe in - equal opportunity for everyone, hard work, reading and literacy, supporting our libraries, nature and the environment, and the humane treatment of animals and preservation of endangered species.

    Website : http://www.vixensquill.com/

    Update 08/24/2017

    Vixen's Quill is still in beta mode. We had to change technical teams. Right now, Chaos Ensued and Stardust are the two novels serialized on the site. Chaos Ensued is the "free" story. It runs first on vixensquill.com and then it is updated on other social and/or membership sites like Adult-fanfiction, FictionPress, Wattpad, Jukepop, and Dreamwidth four weeks later. Currently, Chaos Ensued is about three months ahead on vixensquill.com; I was building up the library of available chapters. Stardust is the newest novel being serialized and is only available on vixensquill.com.

    I do still have some beta slots available, so if you would like to take advantage of a open slot, please send me a message. The “Grand Opening" and full roll-out was set tentatively for August but has been pushed back to a working deadline of November. I will keep you all informed as things change or you can follow updates on Facebook an/or Twitter.

    Update 04/07/17

    A release schedule has finally been established. Presently, during its beta run, Vixen's Quill will release Chaos Ensued every Sunday, Wednesday, and Saturday. As the beta run continues and more kinks are worked out further stories will be added, including those of other authors.

    For all you fans out there - who would like to be a beta tester for the site? Please contact me via Message on FaceBook!

    Update 02/03/2017:

    I'm also beyond pleased to announce Vixen's Quill - dedicated to publishing the best in adult science fiction and fantasy romance! Treat your inner bookwyrms to science fiction, fantasy, paranormal, steampunk, and sword & sorcery adventures liberally doused with romance, intrigue, and erotica!

    My publishing imprint is currently undergoing a beta run - but once fully off the ground will publish online serial novels, graphic novels, and visual novels by multiple authors as well as full ebook and print editions when the serial series is completed. Merchandising, contests, artbooks, and animated visual novels are also on the agenda. It is an 18 only membership site. The stories are aimed at adults – they contain adult themes, graphic sexual depictions, and cover controversial subject matter. The stories are also LGBT friendly so you will find homosexual romances alongside heterosexual pairings. Right now, I'm coordinating efforts between my website as the prime destination for all works with support via Patreon and possibly Ko-fi, and Wattpad and Jukepop and a few others. All stories will start off as serials and will then be published in e-book and print formats upon completion. Membership will be offered and will be based on tier levels. Presently, the beta version is only offering Chaos Ensued by Rhosyn Fox.

    So, for all you guys out there - who would like to be a beta tester for the site? Please contact me via Message on FaceBook!

    What about the stories already posted you ask? Currently, Chaos Ensued is the only original novel posted and only up to chapter three I believe. The serial series will always be free to read and when finished the e-book and print copy will be available for sale.

    My fan fiction stories will always be available and while I still enjoy writing them my main focus is on my own original works. Yes, for those of you asking – The Art of Being Used will be finished. It is under beta review now and as soon as we have finished nitpicking it to death, I am going to post the whole thing in one go. You guys have waited long enough for it. It has been edited and as such it does vary from the draft presently posted.

  • Website : http://vixensquill.com

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