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    Hi, I'm Lady Sinistra, or Ezy-chan. I love to write, and read,I do have an account on as Ron16. Though I joined this one mostly because I don't like holding back, sometimes my fanfiction will contain vilolance that goes beyond what that site would alow. Or yeah the smut factor ;).

    To let everyone know from time to time some of my ocs (original characters) might make it into the fanfics I write, though rarely will they be appart of the main pairing. These characters are Rayanna and Sinistra (they are twins), Eve, Sabreil and Sagwa (whom are brother and sister), Miyo and Deblynn (who are brother and sister). When any of my ocs ar in the fanfic I let their relationships be and develop as they may, and if that means they are rejected then they are regected.

    For those curious I was born in 1988, in july, writing is not easy for me so things take a while really.

    Given a lot of thought and I am moving my fanfiction off of here, to AO3. It will be under Sabreil_Serpent

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