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    Hello To All!

    My more permanent home is on fanfiction.net, but I thought I would wander this way. If you like what I write, check me out there!

    My fiction is discipline/spanking theme specific, but please heed my Warning as my stories will/may include: Mature Themes, Adult Content, Explicit Sexual Content, and Fetish Themes. Each will be clearly identified. Some will be purely Parental in nature, and others will not. These stories are also not meant to represent any type of support for their context. This is fiction for entertainment only, and I do not condone or support illegal or abusive acts of any kind.

    To those of you who are happy you stumbled upon me, please don't be too shy to leave reviews! (everyone gets so shy with these topics, geez). I will try to get a variety of stories up as soon as I can, but I won't lie and say the speed at which I go is not fueled by some of the responses I get. So like I said, if you are enjoying my stories, review, or PM me and let me know.

    Disclaimer: If you don’t like what you read, don’t like these themes, or if you’re already horrified, just leave now. Turn away from my profile and my stories and save face. Don’t waste your breath proving how pigheaded, narrow minded, and scared you might be by attempting to flame, you only embarrass yourself. If I was bothered, I wouldn't be here.

    Life free – and enjoy


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