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    Hey everybody. What's there to say? I'm a sometimes kinda crazy girl - woman... whatever - with an obsession for writing and reading. I'm still at school, but will be finished eventually. My marks usually are too good for my liking as it makes the teachers order me to explain anything and everything to my classmates. My two major subjects at school are Biologiy and English (I'm from Germany) as I want to study medicine in England if I get the chance. Apart from that... well, I like music, I sing and dance. I have not yet written any stories on this site though there are many on FF.net (ratings only up to PG-13 - only recently turned 18 ^^). I'm not that good at writing in higher ratings although I am trying. My favourite movies/books/animes are Pirates of the Caribbean, Hannibal, Harry Potter and Hellsing.

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