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    I am a huge Harry Potter fan who loves just about everything Harry Potter. I am a Slytherin. (SLYTHERIN PRIDE!!!)

    Just some key notes: I will never write Lucius Malfoy as anything other than a caring father and a loving husband. I know this isn't everyone's view of him, but seeing as I've yet to find any evidence within the books to convince me otherwise, this is how I shall always portray him. Yes, he is a Death Eater. But, I believe that Severus Snape has taught us all that even Death Eaters are capable of love.

    My favourite ship is Dramione. Rarely will you ever see me write anything else. I also ship Ron/Luna and feel there is simply not enough fanfic with this couple. (Come on, people!) I have read several Hermione/Snapes and Hermione/Lucius. I've tried my hand at Hermione/Snape, though I refuse to write Hermione/Lucius. The only problem I have with canon pairings is the pairing between Ron and Hermione. And this is only because after reading so much Dramione, I really cannot see her with anyone else canon-wise. (And this is seriously, too. I've read some incredible Dramione that has me completely convinced. Those two are ~perfect~ for one another.)

    Don't get me wrong! I have nothing against Jo and I will never dispute Ron/Hermione with her. After all, they are her characters and she has every right to put her characters with whomever she wants. I simply think Hermione would have been better off with Draco and Ron with Luna.

    Some updates! Halloween Mix-Up is finished. As is Heart and Soul and In-Laws. I have decided, and I know a lot of you will be upset by this, that I will not continue with Intentions. I simply do not feel as though I can do Snape enough justice in that story. If and when I do decide to write a Snape/Hermione, I intend to bring out as much canon in both characters and define Snape the way I did in Halloween Mix-Up. I wish to really explore his character and bring it out completely and fully before I commit myself to writing a story where he is one of two main characters. Intentions was simply a story that I had written during work and wanted to see the sort of response I would get. You're comments have been well received and I know that continuing the story would have drawn a pretty decent audience. But, due to my lack of knowledge on Snape and his character, I just didn't have the heart to continue it. (In other words, I felt I was doing Snape a great wrong by writing him as a fluffy character.)

    I did, however, really enjoy the way I wrote Snape in The Halloween Party. That was just a One-Shot, mind. But, I'm exploring his character more and, hopefully, might be able to come up with a short story soon. No promises, though I will not take an email listing, because I have a hard time emailing people as it is. Just keep checking for updates, I promise there will be some. Also, if you get the chance, I would recommend friending me on Livejournal. (You have to friend me in order to read the journal anyway.) I do tend to write stories on there that won't be found either here nor on FF net. They are exclusive to my LJ friends. (I also have a Dragonlance rp with my sister that could be worth reading.)

    Oh! BTW, got questions for me? Visit my formspring! http://www.formspring.me/tassanaburrfoot

    If you are a big Inuyasha fan, like myself, please feel free to join the discussion at http://inuyashafan.freeforums.org/index.php

    We discuss all things Inuyasha and Rumiko Takahashi.

    I know I haven't anything really on here yet that is Inuyasha, but I'm working on it.

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