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    I am a huge Harry Potter fan who loves just about everything Harry Potter. I am a Slytherin. (SLYTHERIN PRIDE!!!)

    Just some key notes: I will never write Lucius Malfoy as anything other than a caring father and a loving husband. I know this isn't everyone's view of him, but seeing as I've yet to find any evidence within the books to convince me otherwise, this is how I shall always portray him. Yes, he is a Death Eater. But, I believe that Severus Snape has taught us all that even Death Eaters are capable of love.

    My favourite ship is Dramione. Rarely will you ever see me write anything else. The only problem I have with canon pairings is the pairing between Ron and Hermione. And this is only because after reading so much Dramione, I really cannot see her with anyone else canon-wise. (And this is seriously, too. I've read some incredible Dramione that has me completely convinced. Those two are ~perfect~ for one another.)

    Don't get me wrong! I have nothing against Jo and I will never dispute Ron/Hermione with her. After all, they are her characters and she has every right to put her characters with whomever she wants. I simply think Hermione would have been better off with Draco, or Lucius or Severus.

    I have begun dabbling in Lumione, too, and have become rather obsessed with the pairing. At first, I was a bit wary of it, as I still believe Hermione would have done well with Draco, but the more I read and explore, the more I am drawn to Lucius, too. I know I had said I would never go there, but over time, my mind has changed.

    I do have a FFnet account and have recently opened an AO3 account. Haven't posted anything on the latter yet, though.

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