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    To submit, or not to submit? Hmm. I'm a completely broke full-time college student who has far too much time on her hands in lieu of having a job. Rather impossible in my area, unfortunately. I have some self-motivation issues, so if you feel you need to do any urging for updates (pep talks, nagging, etc) feel free. Assuming anyone likes anything I write enough to nag. :p

    I'm rather new at fanfiction/fictional writing, but not to writing in general. Let's see what I can do, shall we? Please, REVIEW! I need all the encouragement/constructive criticism I can get! Additionally, all chaptered fics of mine, current and future, will most likely be extremely sexually explicit at some point (or most of the time ;). They may also involve possible squicks occasionally - I will place a warning at the head of the chapter and denote where that squick begins for those who wish to pass. Contact me by my MSN, which I'm on whenever I'm on the comp (a lot), or my email - I recommend copying and pasting the email address :p. I also have AIM, but I don't use it very often.


    Interests - Reading, some writing, more reading :)
                       Radiation Therapy
                       Fun, but not in the sun...more like at night, in the moonlight

                       (ha! you see what I did there?? ;)


    CURRENTLY WORKING ON: Blindsided by Affection. Haven't decided whether it's a PWP or not yet ;].

    UPDATE: June 2012 - sooooo...BbA has been completely neglected. I know. I still get emails. I'll see if I can post an update while I'm on my two week summer breaks, yes? :))

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