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    I've written mostly fanfiction up until now but I've slowly started falling into the original zone and I'm gonna have some big stories going there soon. I'm a reader who hates when a wonderful story that gets posted is dropped, so I promised myself to never do the same. I will always complete my stories, even if it takes an insanely long time. I also love angst and romance, and will do anything for a happy ending, so suffice to say I will always have one.

    I'm currently in the midst of building some new projects I want to pursue writing wise, some I even believe are publish worthy. I think it's something that would be very exciting and fulfilling to do. I'll let you know if anything happens on that front. In conjunction with that I'll probably start a blog and build an author website for my stuff. Even if it doesn't get published it'd be nice to have a place for my serious fiction. (Not that what I'm doing now isn't serious, but it's more fangirly than I think I'm becoming as a writer currently).

    On another note, I've been transferring my old and new work into my new writing program Scrivener. It's helping a lot with rewriting and reorganizing some of my work. If anyone is interested. I'm thinking of making some of my larger stories into pdf, epub, and/or kindle format. I'd be happy to share these manuscripts for free. Current focus is going to be my DBZ trilogy, my Avatar story (once it's redone) and Carnivores. If people are interested, I'd be happy to set up some kind of download link for these.


    Update May 2013:

    Hey everyone, things have gotten crazy for me. I managed to snag an internship and I'm super excited. But it has sent me to the middle of nowhere with infrequent internet. I'm still writing, but updates are going to be sporadic. Keep an eye on my profiles and my blog and hopefully I keep all of that updated periodically.

    New Year's resolution: Be a better updater. Write everyday. And never give up.


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