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    IMPORTANT: After thinking about this long and hard, I am not going to post here anymore. I'm not going to delete anything, but the simple fact is that I never get any feedback on this site anymore so it feels like there's very little traffic compared to the responses I get on archive of our own and, where I will continue posting my works. If anyone feels that this is not fair and would rather follow me there, let me know and I will rethink my decision. No, I am not holding my stories hostage for reviews, if anyone wants to read current chapters, you know where to find them. This is simply a decision that works for me because, while I will always continue to write no matter what, I post things online so I can receive constructive criticism, so I can now what works and what doesn't and enter in conversation with these things. If no one reviews, I just assume that the story is completely unlikeable and boring and no one is reading it.

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