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    12/7/2008: For those of you just checking this to see if I'm still alive, I am! I have a million excuses for why it's taken me so freakin' long and I haven't updated things recently, but the main one's always going to be "I'm an idiot", so we'll stick with that. I'm working on everything, but it's going slowly and feels somewhat like pulling teeth even though I've got a lot of ideas. Don't give up on me yet! Stories: Goodnight Moon Light and L grow closer in spite of themselves during their time chained together, but what will happen when Light regains his memories...? Complete. Tear You Apart WiP, sequel to Goodnight Moon. L and Kira are forced to move constantly to hide from their pursuers as Near and NPA chase them. Mello is a wild card thrown into the mix, and Kira's retrieval of his Death Note threatens to force L from his side. Arcadia Just damn fun to write. Attempt at a film-noir feel to a detective story wherein Light is a private eye who is also a serial killer of justice, Ryuk is his human secretary/ deterrent to the unwary, and Mello is Light's dominatrix client. When L shows up, Light's night job threatens to be the death of him. (Surprisingly, this is not at all a crack-fic, I just can't write a summary for it without getting so happy about being able to write it that it comes out sounding ridiculous. I will fix it later.)
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