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    Hedo~! I am a short ass Canadian (xD) girlie who loves her boys on her other boys ;) Not to mention I`m also a chain smoking pepsi addict who has a tendency to have all-nighters that keep me in and out of the hospital >.> I will try and keep my posts as regular as I possibly can and I have vowed to myself to finish my stories. (That does not mean there will not be hiatus along the way and I hope there won`t!!!) My genre swings from dark fantasy aaaall the way to confused high school boys, so expect some variety... when I manage to write them all down and/or post them up. Mind you, I`m the type who doesn`t like "I love you!"'s spouted this way and that xP. Let`s be a wee more realistic people, too much sap will muddle your head. So yes! Please enjoy my writing, which is ALL FICTION! If there's any relation to someone you may know in real life it is merely coincidence, so don`t get your tampon in a knot. Good reviews will feed the beast and flames will be used for lighting my cigarettes~!
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